'Bodoh' thief in Malaysia arrested after breaking into home -- because he got lost inside

A thief was arrested after breaking into a house in Kedah, Malaysia, last Friday (July 28)  --- and getting lost inside.

The owner of the house, Omar Gul Hadzrat, 77, said the incident happened at around 1am.

He had gotten up to use the toilet when he suddenly felt a presence. He then discovered a bald man sitting at his dining table. 

Said Omar: "He looked weak and tired.

"I asked him (the man) if he was a thief and why didn't he leave the house.

"He told me he couldn't find the door to leave and couldn’t even remember where he entered from."

Omar then grabbed the man’s hand and kicked him in the face.

The man passed out. While he was unconscious, Omar called the police. The thief was subsequently arrested.

Omar’s wife, Hasnah Husain, said that the thief had entered through their bedroom window, which was unlocked. 

The thief almost made off with RM1,500 (S$475), some jewellery, four mobile phones, a butcher knife, and even a crocodile’s tooth. 

This was not the first time that the couple had to deal with a trespasser in the house.

Apparently, there had been four other people who had broken in to steal his prized pet birds which Omar displays at the front of his house, reports World of Buzz and Sinar Harian

However, they all got disorientated and escaped before stealing anything.