Netizens spot "Malaysia's Most Handsome Thief": He stole RM 15,000 worth of iPhone 7s

Nazbukhari Nazlan stole four iPhone 7s worth RM 14,796 (SGD$4,725.86) on his second day of work last Thursday (Nov 1).

His colleague Faris Fared posted photos of him and his Instagram account as well as CCTV footage from the store room showing him in the act.

Another colleague Mohd Nazreen Shah Adam also posted on Facebook regarding the incident.

In his caption, he implored anyone who sees the post to make it viral.

He also provided his contact details for anyone with information and offered to reward them.

Another friend, Hakim Muhamad Shukur, shared more details about the case.

According to Nazbukhari's parents, he had not returned home for a week.

Nazbukhari also provided three case scenarios:

  1. He claimed to being framed although the CCTV footage clearly shows his actions.

  2. He stole because his mother suffers from cancer.

  3. He claimed the company did not pay him for a month, although he had not worked for a week and had already taken three days of medical leave. The company also claims to have paid him.

Hakim also shared a photo of a newspaper article of the police searching for Nazbukhari in relation to the stolen iPhones.

According to The Coverage, netizens who saw the posts started hunting for his Instagram account.

However, the man netizens call "Malaysia's Most Handsome Thief" quickly deleted his posts.

"Never judge a man by his face, handsome also can be thief!"