Bicycle owner leaves note for thief who stole wheel: 'I give you 1 chance or I'll make police report'

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A bicycle owner left a note for a thief who stole one of the bicycle's wheels in Bukit Panjang.

A Stomper was on his way to work at about 7am on Wednesday (Nov 27) when he came across this interesting sight at Block 523 Jelapang Road.

He contributed photos of what he saw and told Stomp: "I live in the same block and always take this path when I leave for work every morning.

"I never noticed this bicycle on the ground floor of Block 523 but the note caught my attention this morning so I had to take a closer look.

"I'm not sure about who the owner is.

"Felt quite amused to find this parked bicycle with a wheel beside it and the owner's note saying he'll give one more chance to the thief to return the stolen wheel."

The Stomper added: "Maybe the thief returned it but now the owner has to fix it back himself or send it to a repair shop.

"Perhaps the note should have included having the wheel be fixed back."

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