Bentley driver chases Perodua motorist along ECP, gestures frantically at him to pull over

The driver of a Bentley was seen chasing down a Perodua motorist along the East Coast Parkway (ECP) towards Changi Airport yesterday (Aug 1).

A video of the incident was posted on Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Road's Facebook page.

The Bentley driver with licence plate number SKB42M was seen following the Perodua with licence plate number SJZ4017X  closely for a distance, attempting to drive alongside him but he was forced to stay behind because of other traffic on the road.

At one point, he even put his arm out the window to gesture frantically at the other driver to pull over.

The Perodua motorist appeared to ignore the Bentley driver's signals and continued to drive down the expressway, increasing the distance between the two of them.

Netizens have slammed both drivers for dangerous driving and said that they should be reported to the Traffic Police.

Some speculate the Perodua driver must have angered the Bentley motorist by cutting into his lane or even committing a hit-and-run, causing him to react this way.

However, the events of what happened before what was captured on video are unclear.

Watch the video below.