Teenager in China bursts into tears after crashing e-scooter into stationary Bentley

A 15-year-old boy in Zhengzhou, China, was riding his e-scooter on Apr 10 when he crashed his vehicle into a white Bentley that was parked by the side of the road.

According to Shanghaiist, the accident damaged the side mirror of the luxury car.

Thereafter, the driver of the Bentley alighted and asked the teenager for his father's contact number to obtain compensation.

He then told the young e-scooter rider that the mirror would cost around RMB30,000 (S$6,000) to RMB40,000 (S$8,100) to repair, and drove off thereafter.

The boy burst into tears as the driver left the scene. He felt helpless and did not know how to explain himself to his father.

Thankfully, the boy's father called and told him not worry. He told the teenager to let the adults resolve the matter.

After the call, the boy hopped on to his e-scooter and headed home.  

Netizens got wind of the incident and offered their take on what happened.

Said a Weibo user:

"Whether you cry or not, it's still a mistake. This little guy learned a valuable lesson on the road about growing up."

Another urged the driver to go easy on the boy:

"I hope the Bentley owner can take pity on this kid and just give him a lesson. Of course, he's well within his rights to want compensation, I just hope he goes easy on him."