Bedok resident taking in washing uses bamboo pole to hit upstairs neighbour's laundry rack

Submitted by Stomper A

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What is going on?

A Bedok HDB resident taking in the washing apparently used the bamboo pole to hit the upstairs neighbour's laundry rack.

A passer-by supposedly just happened to catch the incident on camera on Nov 8 at around 5pm.

Stomper A shared the video taken at Block 528 Bedok North Street 3.

"Look at the resident on the sixth floor," said the Stomper.

"He or she used the bamboo pole to poke the neighbour above on the seventh floor. May be a neighbour dispute?"

A metallic tapping sound can be heard in the video, indicating that the pole hit the metallic rack above a few times.

The video was also posted on the Singapore Incidents Facebook page where netizens speculated what went on.

One commented: "The seventh floor probably hung dripping wet clothes over the sixth-floor laundry which was almost dried.

"It happens to me sometimes with some upstairs neighbours."

Another netizen suggested that sixth-floor resident was "signalling something".

To alert the upstairs neighbour that it was going to rain perhaps?

But another believed it was an "accident" and not done on purpose.

Do you have a theory?