CCKTC on the lookout for Bukit Batok resident who has been hanging laundry at badminton court

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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A Bukit Batok resident has been hanging their laundry at a badminton court despite notices put up by the town council to discourage such behaviour.

A Stomper shared photos taken recently of clothes, blankets, pillows, and bolsters lying out in the sun at a badminton court between Blocks 441B and 442A Bukit Batok West Avenue 8.

In July, Stomp reported on sheets that were hung out to dry at the same badminton court.

At the time, Chua Chu Kang Town Council (CCKTC) said it was the first time laundry had been found hanging there and that they had placed notices advising residents to dry their laundry at home.

The Stomper added that he believes the resident is staying at Block 441B.

In response to a Stomp query, CCKTC said it is aware of the matter.

"There are several notices around the badminton court and nearby blocks that seek the residents’ cooperation in the proper use of the facility and advise them against hanging any laundry there," a CCKTC spokesperson said.

"In October, we placed a new additional notice on each level of the lift lobbies of Block 441B to advise the owner of the clothes hung in the court to refrain from such practices.


"Any laundry found after 22 October will be removed. 

"Additionally, the Town Council officers and cleaners are on a lookout for the owner to warn him/her against such inconsiderate behaviour.  

"We will also remind the owner that outdoor spaces like the badminton court are recreational spaces meant for residents’ enjoyment and seek his/her cooperation to keep the estate a clean and pleasant place for all."