Bedok family worried after stranger 'acts suspiciously' and takes photos of their unit

Submitted by Stomper N

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Who is that?

An unknown man was caught on camera walking up and down a Housing Board (HDB) corridor and taking photos of a unit.

Stomper N said the incident occurred in the Bedok North estate on September 13, at 4.51pm.

She shared CCTV footage showing the male stranger walking past her parents' unit and snapping photos with his mobile phone from three different angles.

At one point, he is seen looking straight into the CCTV camera.

Moments later, the same man can be spotted walking back down the corridor.

N, who has lodged a police report, told Stomp: "This person was acting suspiciously outside my parents' house, taking pictures of their unit. We only realised this last Thursday (Sept 28) while checking our CCTV camera.

"I am curious why the person had to take pictures of our unit and worried as we don't know or recognise him, plus we do not know what’s the purpose of him taking the pictures. He is definitely not doing GrabFood or parcel delivery.

"Nothing is nice about our unit except the unit number, which ends with 888.

"We also feel unsafe as my mum is alone at home in the daytime and she gets anxiety attacks easily."

In response to a Stomp query, the police confirm a report was lodged.

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