Stranger in gloves peeks at Punggol resident’s riser

Submitted by Stomper Zamsmail

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A Punggol resident's suspicions were raised when he learnt that a stranger had looked through his riser while wearing gloves.

Stomper Zamsmail said he was reviewing his CCTV footage about a month ago when he noticed something unusual.

Zamsmail did not share his exact location, but told Stomp that it was at a "new BTO" at Northshore Drive.

He recounted: "I was surprised to see a lady looking through my dry riser closet in a rather suspicious manner.

"Considering that many of our parcels are left in there by the delivery persons when we are not at home, I presume she was looking randomly to see if there are any parcels left unattended.

"Do note that she was also wearing gloves probably to avoid detection by fingerprints."

A video submitted by Zamsmail shows the woman opening the riser's door while wearing plastic gloves and carrying a black bag. She is then seen peeking inside the riser, closing the door and walking away.

The Stomper added: "My CCTV camera is disguised as a peephole in the door, so it’s hard to notice that it’s there.

"I'm just hoping to spread awareness that this is going on so people are more vigilant. Thank you!"

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