Man grabs most unlikely item ever from laundry rack at Tampines corridor and runs away

Submitted by Stomper Luqman

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Cases of thieves helping themselves to other people's shoes along the corridor aren't unheard of.

A Crocs-wearing man apparently liked his own footwear enough, however, and fled with a Tampines resident's pillow instead.

Stomper Luqman shared a video of the incident that occurred outside his unit on November 23, at around 6.55am.

In the video, a man wearing a hoodie, spectacles and Crocs can be seen walking towards a laundry rack along the corridor. He then grabs a pillow that was on the rack and runs off with it.

Luqman told Stomp: "Block shopping happened in my block, hehe. It's kinda funny that he took my pillow but I feel annoyed to have my stuff taken away by somebody.

"I don't recognise this man at all."

Looks like the culprit has comfortable clothes and shoes of his own but needed a comfy spot to rest his head.