Auntie asking for permission to put up altar in Pasir Ris when she didn't need to shows what racial harmony means

A couple of weeks back, a Stomper shared with us a heartwarming moment where two different religious groups showed each other respect.

On Feb 5, celebrity chef Shahrizal Salleh shared on Facebook another such moment, where his neighbour approached him to ask if she could set up an altar in front of her HDB unit, despite not being obliged to do so.

In his post, Mr Shahrizal, also known as “Chef Bob”, recounted how his neighbour asked for his permission in Malay:

"Eh Ah Bob ah!!! Malam ini gua mau sembahyang lu tau? Gua letak balang-balang depan lumah gua. Gua mau bakar balang. Boleh ah?"

In English, that translates to: "Bob, tonight I need to do my prayers. I'm placing an altar in front of my house and burn incense. Can?"

He was more than happy to oblige, and even added in his Facebook post: "She definitely do not need to inform me yet alone ask for my permission to do that but yet she did."

Kudos to both Mr Shahrizal and his neighbour for being so respectful of each other and setting a fine example for all of us!

As Mr Shahrizal says, "Respect begets respect."

Check out his original post below!