Why photos of Malay wedding and Chinese funeral are so important to Singaporeans

Only in Singapore will you be able to see a wedding ceremony and funeral procession taking place near each other -- with parties from both sides respecting one another.

Former Member of Parliament (MP) Maidin Packer recently posted on Facebook about racial harmony in Singapore as well as how people have 'clearly grown to respect each other'.

He said he was at Block 256 Pasir Ris, where a Chinese funeral procession was passing by a Malay wedding.

"I saw a funeral procession passing by slowly. Some wedding guests were standing along the side of the void deck to show respect. THIS IS SO SINGAPORE!"

Packer's post has been met with positivity, with netizens referring to the incident as "uniquely Singapore" and "the essence of the kampong and gotong royong spirit."

One user also wrote, "This is genuine racial harmony, and we have to thank Mr Lee Kuan Yew for this."