Auntie accused of faking disabilities to sell tissue paper at Tiong Bahru Plaza

An auntie was apparently seen going from being able-bodied while having her meal to walking with a limp when selling tissue paper at Tiong Bahru Plaza.

A netizen had spotted the auntie during lunch at the third-floor food court at around 2pm on June 17, and recounted the incident in a Facebook post on the same day.

According to the netizen, the auntie was eating and talking on the phone while seated at a table.

The auntie, who looked to be in her 50s, then went to buy a bowl of dessert and was walking normally.

When the netizen finished her lunch, she went to downstairs to shop around.

That was when she heard a familiar voice selling tissue paper.

The netizen then turned around and was shocked by the sight that greeted her.

She told Lianhe Wanbao: "The same auntie from the food court was now walking with a limp!

"When she came over to ask me if I wanted to buy tissue paper, I noticed that her mouth was crooked and she was not speaking coherently.

"It was totally different from when I heard her on the phone earlier."

Suspecting that the auntie was putting on an act to gain sympathy, the netizen tailed her for around 10 minutes. She also took four videos of the auntie's behaviour.

In the videos, the auntie appeared to have mobility issues. She was carrying a black bag and had a few packets of tissue paper in her hands.

The netizen said she wanted to ask the auntie if she had a licence to sell tissue paper. However, the latter disappeared before she had the chance to do so.

By sharing the videos on Facebook, the netizen hoped to remind everyone not to let ill-intentioned people take advantage of their sympathy.