Chinatown Food Centre peddler sells 3 tissue packets for $2, but takes $5 and leaves a single pack

A tissue peddler has been accused openly cheating patrons of a food centre in Chinatown.

In one instance, he was reportedly heard asking for two dollars for three packs of tissue, but when the patron handed him a five dollar note, he took the money and gave just one pack before leaving, reports Lianhe Wanbao.

A customer told reporters that he encountered the uncle while he was having lunch at Chinatown Complex Food Centre, and felt that his ‘sales tactics’ were downright immoral. 

According to the customer, he and a few friends were having a meal just in front of a claypot rice stall, when the peddler, an elderly man in his fifties or sixties approached them, carrying a plastic bag with one hand, and holding another three packets on tissue in his other. 

Said the customer:

“In the past, the rates were always three to four packets for a dollar, but he asked for two dollars for three packets right off the bat.

“At that time, I thought to myself, “So expensive!”, but I thought that perhaps prices had risen with inflation.”

He also said that the uncle would come very close to the customers and touch their hands or shoulder in a bid to get them to buy. 

A woman seated at a table opposite his who could not put up with the man’s ‘peruasion’ and ultimately forked out two dollars. 

However, the peddler’s attitude immediately changed after getting the money, simply leaving a single pack of tissue on the table and leaving immediately.

The customer recounted:

“When we saw him give the woman one packet of tissue, several members of the public and I were shocked: I thought he had told everyone that it was two dollars for three packs.”

The same thing happened to another young girl nearby, after she apparently handed the peddler a five dollar note said the customer.

Reports who visited the food centre on Saturday (Mar 18) ran into the peddler. 

While they were there, they saw a woman who was visibly aggravated by the elderly man.

When the reporters interviewed the woman, she told them she had handed the peddler two dollars, but upon seeing the bills in her wallet, he had asked her for another five dollars so he could have a meal.

The woman commented:

“This is infuriating.

“He's just too much.”