Arrested: Pair tries purchasing $800k diamond ring from Lucky Plaza with counterfeit debit card

Two men were arrested after attempting to use a counterfeit debit card which did not belong to them, to purchase a $800,000 diamond ring. 

The incident happened at Moriya Diamond Boutique in Lucky Plaza on Wednesday (Oct 4) at around 3.30pm.

According to a store assistant, the two suspects had entered the shop and demanded to take a look at the most expensive rings in the store. 

Afterwards, the two settled on a ring worth $800,000. 

One of the men fished out a debit card and instructed the store assistant to charge the expenses to the card. 

After many failed attempts, the store assistant became suspicious and called a local branch of the bank for help in verifying the authenticity of the debit card. 

Upon finding out that the card was counterfeit, he immediately called the Police, reports Lianhe Wanbao

To buy time, the assistant chatted with the suspects until the Police arrived. 

The two were arrested on the spot by officers from the Tanglin Police Division. 

They will be charged in court on Oct 16 with the attempted cheating.

The pair will also be remanded for further investigations, according to an official press release from the Police. 

if convicted, they could face an imprisonment term up to 3 years, and/or a fine. 

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