Audi driver goes against traffic, nearly collides head-on with motorist

YouTube user Han Lim uploaded a video on Saturday (Nov 25), showing a hit-and-run accident which his father was involved in.

The incident happened at the junction of Ganges Avenue and Indus Road on Saturday (Nov 18) around 9.58pm. 

In the video captured on a dashboard camera, an Audi driver is seen going against the flow of traffic, almost colliding with Han’s father’s vehicle. 

Fortunately, Han's father swerved his car to the side to prevent a head-on collision. 

The Audi driver fled after the incident. 

The reckless driver clearly infuriated Han, who wrote: "He (my father) could have been seriously injured or killed had he not swerved his vehicle in time.

"Although he caught the culprit on this dashboard camera, we were not able to establish the licence plate number.

"We could only make out that it started with SK, and has a number ‘3’ near the end of the number.

"I’m hoping this video can reach anyone who happened to be in the vicinity on that date/time, and possibly witnessed this vehicle going against traffic.

"Alternatively, someone could have spotted a gold Audi/Q3/Q5 that matches the license plate criteria."

Stomp has contacted the police for an official statement on the accident.