Appeal for witnesses: Ducati motorcycle damaged after hit-and-run at Yishun carpark

Submitted by Stomper Juliana

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A Ducati motorcycle was damaged in an apparent hit-and-run incident at an open carpark between Block 403 and 404 Yishun Avenue 6 on Wednesday (Mar 11).

Stomper Juliana alerted Stomp to the incident and is helping her boss, the owner of the bike, to appeal for witnesses.

She added that a police report has since been made.

"His bike was in a stationary position and was probably hit by a car or another bike," the Stomper said.

"We are humbly appealing for any witnesses or motorists parked in the vicinity with car-cam footage to assist us.

"We need to find the irresponsible culprit.

"It probably happened sometime between 12pm and 8.30pm based on information given by another bike rider who came back at 12pm and saw nothing amiss but saw my boss's bike on the ground when he was about to leave at 8.30pm that same day."

"Please assist to spread the word around.

"Any information is truly and greatly appreciated."

If you have any information kindly contact Stomp at or WhatsApp 9384 3761.