Another influencer's grammar gaffe caught on Instagram, never fails to disappoint netizens

After a social media influencer came under fire for her less than perfect grammar in a promotional post for a ramen stall, another one has followed in her footsteps.

Dated December 2017, the post by the original influencer featured the bizarre caption:

“Ajisensg never fails to disappoint me with their delicious ramen.”

The post soon went viral and drew flak from many netizens, many of whom were appalled by her command of the English language.

There was even a meme on it posted by Facebook page Kiasu Memes For Singapore Teens (KMFST), reports Coconuts SG.

In response, the influencer apologised and edited her caption, which read:

“Ajisensg have delicious ramens.” 

The entire account has since been taken down. 

However, just as the incident came to pass, yet another influencer has repeated the same mistake.

In an Instagram post endorsing car rental company AKA Car Rental, the influencer wrote:

“Whenever I’m back, my go to car rental will always be akacarrental! They never fail to disappoint me and are the best.

“Collection is conveniently located near Commonwealth mrt and they accept P-plate with no deposit.”

As expected, the post has netizens up in arms. 

Said a netizen:

“They never fail to disappoint. Wow.”

Another netizen added:

“Disappointingly dissapointed.”