Stationery company writes FB post, gets destroyed by grammar Nazis

Pentel Singapore was flamed by netizens after writing a series of grammatically incorrect posts on their Facebook page.

Last Friday (Feb 17), a post promoting the company’s rubber erasers was written on the company's Facebok page, albeit in copy which was riddled with grammatical errors, reports Coconuts Singapore

The post apparently stirred the sleeping grammar Nazi in some netizens and the company came under attack for their shoddy post.

Realising their mistake, the company quickly posted an apology two days later on Sunday (Feb 19) -- yet again, grammatically challenged. 

Their mistake did not go unnoticed, and netizens quickly tore into them. 

One netizen even asked the company to ‘hire a proper social media agency.’

In response to the fiasco, Pentel Singapore has addressed their inadequacies and apologised in a new and marvellously appropriate statement, promising fans that they would be there for them should they require ‘erasing their mistakes.'