Ageless beauty Carman Lee wins praise after sharing photo of her toned figure

Has Hong Kong actress Carman Lee discovered the fountain of youth?

That's what fans certainly seem to think after Lee shared a photo of her toned physique in a Weibo post on Tuesday (Nov 19).

Lee, who flaunted her enviable figure while clad in sports attire, wrote in a caption: "Sharing workout results with everyone. You all always say I am too thin, actually I am strong."

The beautiful celebrity had previously credited exercise for her youthful appearance and said that she works out at least three times a week (sometimes even daily).

Lee was reportedly born on August 16, 1973, which would make her 46 now, though she has been known to be private about her birth year.

She is most known for her starring role as Little Dragon Girl in the 1995 adaptation of 'The Return of the Condor Heroes' and is said to have been single for the past 10 years.

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