Hong Kong actress Carman Lee reveals her secret to looking this good at age 45

It has been 24 years since Hong Kong actress Carman Lee shot to fame with her role as Little Dragon Girl in the television series 'The Condor Heroes 95', but she looks like she has not aged a day.

Then 21, Lee starred in the 1995 adaptation of 'The Return of the Condor Heroes' alongside actor Louis Koo and earned the title of the 'prettiest Little Dragon Girl ever'.

Photos and videos of the 45-year-old star on her Weibo account recently set the Internet abuzz, with netizens expressing awe at how youthful she looks.

Lee's secret? Regular exercise.

According to Lee, she works out at least three times a week, sometimes even daily.

Each session -- from warming up to cooling down -- lasts two hours.

Lee also revealed that she does not diet nor restrict herself from chocolates and pastries.

A true goddess indeed!

View more photos of Carman Lee in the gallery.