80-year-old retiree creates art with twigs on ground at Owen Road carpark: 'Good job, uncle'

Submitted by Stomper Mel

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An elderly man was spotted using twigs to create art on the ground at a carpark near Block 44 Owen Road on Aug 26.

Stomper Mel said he gave her permission to take a video of him at work on his art.

"He was in full concentration and seemed to enjoying himself," said the Stomper.

"I heard from some nearby residents that this old man is a regular figure there and was always enjoying himself with those twigs.

"Good job, uncle."

Another Stomper was also impressed by the uncle last year.

Stomper Mike said: "I just had dinner at the hawker centre when I saw the old man. As I walked further up along Owen Road, I saw a beautiful portrait of a woman on the ground and realised that the man was making works of art out of twigs."

Known as Uncle Thien, the 80-year-old retiree first went viral in July 2020.

Tanjong Pagar GRC MP Alvin Tan has posted several times about Uncle Thien on Facebook.

Uncle Thien has also been featured in Lianhe Zaobao and Shin Min Daily News.

He told Zaobao: “One day, I walked by the carpark and saw some twigs on the ground. I had the sudden inspiration to see what I could create from arranging them. I used to love buying magazines and books to study drawing techniques. So I decided to create some portraits.”

On why he keeps at it, he once said: "When you get old, your mental capability weakens. That's why I need to exercise my brain."