60cm snake nearly stepped on by passers-by near Dakota MRT Station

Submitted by Stomper Mary

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Stomper Mary was on the way to Dakota MRT Station at about 7.30pm on Sunday (Sep 23) when she saw a snake that was about 60cm in length.

Mary, who was with her husband and toddler, expressed her worry after sighting the snake.

In a video taken by Mary's husband, the snake is seen slithering on the path before going towards the bushes.

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"The snake was about two-feet (60cm) long, it was at the path between Geylang Road and Dakota MRT Station, beside the Geylang River," she said.

"My husband nearly stepped on the snake, and I was worried since I had a toddler with me but it was lucky that I was carrying him.

"We warned an old man who was present as well, but he didn't seem bothered, he just walked past it.

"Since we often go there at night to jog, I'm worried that the snake would bite us."

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