Python spotted at Waterway Point traffic junction rescued within minutes

Submitted by Stomper Sok

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Stomper Sok was at the traffic junction in between Waterway Point and Punggol Bus Interchange at about 3pm yesterday (Jul 17) when she saw a python near the edge of the road.

Sok, who was on her way home, did not stay for long to watch the python, although she observed that it was edging closer to the cars, and in danger of getting run over. 

She said:

"If it were to venture any further, it will be crushed.

"There were about 10 people at the scene, and some of them told the others to not get too close to the snake.

"There were also some passers-by directing the crowd to avoid the snake, as it was quite difficult to spot. I only noticed it when I wanted to cross the road.

"It was just writhing on the ground."

Although it was Sok's first time encountering a python, she did not feel scared.

"I was shocked, but not really scared since it wasn't very big.

"And it was coiled up so I couldn't really tell how long was it."

In response to a Stomp query, the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES) said: "The python was rescued within minutes of our arrival.

"Reticulated pythons are native to Singapore and can be found across the island.

"They rarely enter people's homes but do tend to live close to urban areas as their main prey, rats, are found close to human settlements.

"Pythons do use drains and canals to move around and if they are sighted in large drains or canals, they can be left alone.

"They are shy animals in general and will move away when sighted. Hence, it is important that people do not provoke or harm these animals.

"If sighted within urban areas, please call the ACRES hotline at 97837782."

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