6-year-old boy begs doctors to save dad first after scooter accident in China

A father and son were left injured after the scooter that they were on crashed into a lamp-post at the side of a road in Xinyu, Jiangxi province last week.

Footage of the accident has been circulating online and shows the father lying face down and motionless on the road while the boy sat up against the curb with a bloodied face.

Although passers-by urged paramedics to tend to the six-year-old, the toddler begged that them to "save my dad first".

Fortunately, the duo only sustained minor injuries, reported Shanghaiist.

While in hospital, the boy told reporters that that he thought his father had "gone to heaven" after seeing him lying on the ground like that and said, "I wanted him to be saved first. Because I love my dad."

In response, his father was filled with emotion and said, "I was really touched. I never expected that he was so much braver than me."

The incident has moved netizens, who praised the child for his filial piety.