Desperate dad sells 'bear hugs' for $2 on China street to fund son's cancer treatment

A father was seen on a street Hefei, China, clad in a bear suit last week.

According to Shanghaiist, the man, Feng Kai, was selling hugs at RMB10 (S$2) to raise money for his 1-year-old son who has leukaemia, a form of cancer.

After his son was diagnosed in 2015, Feng Kai and his wife has had trouble meeting end's meet. 

25-year-old Feng Kai also had to quit his job as a mechanic to make time for his son.

Till date, the boy's treatment has cost the family about RMB370,000 (S$75,081). Feng Kai has tried to borrow money, but it was not enough for his son's bills.

He then decided to sell hugs on the street. Along with the bear suit, Feng Kai also wears a placard around his neck telling others his story.

Response however, has been poor. He only managed to make about RMB100 (S$20) over three days. 

Fortunately, Feng Kai's story has caught the attention of netizens online. 

Since his photos started circulating online, he has received more than RMB180,000 (S$36,531) in donations.