Abandoned girl rejects biological parents to care for paralysed adoptive dad in China

It is a tale that reads like a movie script. And yet, life is often stranger than fiction.

11-years-ago, a couple abandoned their baby girl in a hospital in Guangdong, China.

A farmer named Zheng, who was in that same hospital because his wife had a miscarriage, saw the cute little baby and decided to adopt her.

The farmer named her Xiao Qi, and took good care of her from that moment, reports World Of Buzz.

However, in 2010, Zheng's high-blood pressure triggered a series of conditions that left him paralysed from the waist down.

Not long after, his wife abandoned him, Xiao Qi and his elderly mother.

In 2012, Xiao Qi's biological parents showed up out of the blue, wanting to bring her home.

The girl only learnt that she was adopted when her biological parents showed up.

However, instead of following them, she rejected their offer and stayed with her adoptive father.

Soon, she was left to take care of him on her own as Zheng's mother passed away.

The farmer is poor and gets monetary aid from the government.

And he did not complete the necessary paperwork when adopting Xiao Qi, which left the 11-year-old stateless.

However, the Chinese government is reportedly looking into ways to giving her a nationality after the local media reported on her plight.

Thanks to funds raised by kind members of the public, Zheng and Xiao Qi can build a new house and move out of the one they are currently in, which is in bad condition.

A group of entrepreneurs have also offered to raise funds for Xiao Qi's education in future as well.