$5 roasted pork rice at Malaysia Boleh in The Centrepoint: Expectations versus reality

Submitted by Stomper Dulay

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A diner was disappointed with the $5 roasted pork rice she bought at the Malaysia Boleh food court in the basement of The Centrepoint.

Stomper Dulay said it happened on April 5 at 8.53pm. The stall also sold other dishes such as wanton noodles and chicken rice.

To compare, she shared a photo of what the roasted pork rice was supposed to look like on the signboard of the stall and a photo of the food she got.

"Expectations versus reality," said the Stomper.

While the roasted pork on the signboard was pinkish in colour, the meat on her plate was more brownish.

And while the signboard showed nine pieces of meat, it seemed the Stomper got only seven.

Would you be disappointed too?