3 more men arrested over rioting case in Tanjong Pagar

Three men have been arrested for rioting after a series of attacks were reported in the vicinity of Tanjong Pagar and Duxton Road on May 23.

The police said told Stomp in an updated statement that the men are aged between 20 and 35.

Another man, 29, was arrested earlier under the Liquor Control Act. Stomp understands that he was a victim and was arrested because he was drunk and uncooperative.

In a previous Stomp report, four people were attacked by a group of four young men at about 3am in the Tanjong Pagar area.

Stomper Alex told Stomp that the group had gone on a "rampage" and went around beating up random people on the street.

He said that his friend was one of the group's victims and was attacked at a bus stop. He was later taken to hospital for his injuries.

"After hitting him down on the floor, they continued to kick him in the head with their boots," he said. "There was blood all over."

"Two male victims, aged 29 and 38, were conveyed to Singapore General Hospital," said the police.

The older man was unconscious when he was taken to hospital.

Police investigations are ongoing.