$20 'sha pi ji' from Tampines kopitiam turns out to be 'miserable pieces of chicken skin'

Submitted by Stomper Patima

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A family paid $20 for a box of sand skin chicken from a zichar stall in Tampines -- but were left enraged upon opening it.

Stomper Patima, whose husband bought the chicken from a coffeeshop located at Block 445, Tampines Street 42, alerted Stomp to the incident.

Patima also posted photos of the chicken on Facebook and said:

"Ordered this chicken (sha pi ji) as recommended by the shop worker. It cost $20!!! For just a couple of miserable pieces of chicken skin..."

Her husband told Stomp in a phone interview that he made the takeaway purchase at around 8pm yesterday (Nov 19).

He said: "Who will open up the box when buying food to check, right?

"The photo of the chicken was taken before we touched and ate anything.

"My father returned to the stall immediately afterwards, but was told that it [the food] was meant to be like that."