Man pays $6.40 for meal at Woodlands coffeeshop -- because of 'atas' sides

Submitted by Stomper Jay

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Stomper Jay was shocked when told that his economical noodles from a coffeeshop stall at Block 515A Woodlands Drive 14 costs $6.40.

He later realised it was because of the sotong in his long beans, which he had thought was a regular vegetable dish.

Jay thinks that is something all patrons can relate to, such as when your egg item is considered a meat dish just because of the minced meat that it contains.

Said the Stomper:

"Atas mixed rice stall from KPT at Block 515A, Woodlands Drive 14. Guess what, this meal is a whooping total of $6.40.

"So, what atas sides did I order? Noodle + Herbal Chicken(1 standard thigh size) + Tofu + Long Beans (with sotong), even though I just wanted the long beans, but no choice right...

"I was so shocked that I exclaimed, 'Wah, so ex ah.'

"The seller still said 'yah lah.'

"Wah, don't play play leh, you thought you selling at Causeway Point food court meh...

"#Don'tYouJustHateYourselfWhen: #YouSeeTheMincedMeatInSteamEggs #TheSotongWLongBeans"