Mazda driver, pretty sure that's not what you were taught to do at zebra crossings

Even those who have not attended driving school would probably know that drivers should give way to pedestrians at zebra crossings.

Well, that was apparently not the case for a Mazda driver at NUH.

A video posted on Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Road shows him or her driving across a zebra crossing while a pedestrian was walking across.

According to the video's timestamp, the incident took place on Jul 9 at around 11.35am.

The motorist who recorded the incident tried to horn at the Mazda driver, but that did not get the attention of his fellow road-user.

The motorist elaborated:

"There wasn't any time for me to wind down my side window to signal the white Mazda to slow down, so I honked to alert the driver still driver drive through the zebra crossing at his normal speed. 

"If you observe carefully, that lady pedestrian was in a rush, but still she did look left and right before crossing the zebra crossing. 

"Obviously that white Mazda wasn't in a rush to go to NUH A&E because it wasn't turning to the A&E direction."