Yishun neighbours upgrade 'wall' with cacti and durian husks to keep out urine splashing auntie

Two families decided to spruce up a 'wall' constructed to keep a urine splashing auntie out, by adding cacti and durian husks to the structure. 

The two households at Block 112, Yishun Ring Road had been subjected to harassment by their elderly neighbour from a lower level, who dumped garbage, including toilet paper, sanitary pads, dark sauce and even urine on their doors and bicycles parked on the corridor -- daily for over two years. 

However despite their best efforts --- installing surveillance cameras, lodging police reports, and even erecting a ‘wall’ with chairs and planks --- the sunglass-wearing culprit did not stop, reports Shin Min Daily News via Lianhe Zaobao

Reporters who went to down to the block also observed additional metal pieces and pipes with cacti sticking out from the ‘upgraded’ construct.

One of the affected residents told reporters that the ‘wall’ was completed on March 3, 2017, and was fortified in the following weeks. 

Said the 61-year-old man:

“I recycled most of the materials used for the wall and completed it in five hours. 

“I picked up the wooden planks, pipes, and various other items outside. 

“As for the cacti, I grow them on my corridors, and they came in handy. 

"I tried using durian husks for a while, but found that they stank after a few days, so I changed them to cacti instead.”

The man also revealed that the shades-wearing neighbour is unable to go close to the ‘wall’ now due to the cacti, but continues to hurl garbage and splash liquids from a distance:

“We really hope the authorities can help solve this problem.”