'It felt like I was in Disneyland': Residents enjoy snow display at Citylife condo countdown party in Tampines

Submitted by Stomper Adrian

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It was a snowy affair at a countdown party in Citylife@Tampines condominium where residents were treated to a a beautiful artificial snow display on Dec 31. 

Stomper Adrian shared with Stomp about the surprise countdown party organised by the condominium's own residents where people of all ages and nationalities gathered together to celebrate. 

Said the Stomper:

"The party was definitely a first of its kind.

"The snow was totally unexpected as there was no announcement made about the fake snow display.

"It was a lovely and great surprise for everyone at the countdown gathering. It felt like I was in Disneyland!" 

Adrian added that despite the different nationalities, residents at Citylife share a strong and united kampong spirit.

"I look forward to celebrating more cultural events with the residents!" said Adrian cheerfully.