Off-duty SCDF personnel performs first-aid for accident victim in Malaysia, stays with him until ambulance arrives

Submitted by Stomper Anon

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Stomper Anon alerted Stomp to a heartwarming scene he witnessed while driving back to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur yesterday afternoon (Feb 26). 

The Stomper was returning to Singapore when he came across the aftermath of an accident involving a car and a motorcycle before Muar exit. According to the Stomper, the rider had fractured his left arm and left leg.

An ambulance had been called, but the man had been waiting for close to an hour and was in a lot of discomfort.

Thankfully, a member of Team Diversion Singapore - a group of bike enthusiasts riding bikes similar to those of used by the Traffic Police - drove by and rendered first aid to the casualty. 

The good Samaritan, Mr Iskandar Shafii, was similarly on his way back to Singapore from a motorcycle event at Kuala Lumpur.

An Emergency Medical Technician from the Singapore Civil Defence Force, Mr Iskandar immediately stopped to render first aid when he saw the injured man lying on the roadside.

He said:

"I took out my first aid kit and wrapped his fractured left hand in a triangle bandage. I couldn't do much for his fractured left leg because I didn't have the proper equipment.

"It was a very hot day and the man said he was feeling giddy. Two women held umbrellas over the man and we waited for the ambulance to arrive."

The Stomper lauded the actions of the driver and said:

"Kudos to the biker from Team Diversion Singapore. You have proven that humanity has no boundaries with your selfless act."