Helpful construction workers help push-start stalled car at Woodlands

A group of kind-hearted construction workers were spotted helping to push-start a stalled car at Woodlands.

In a video uploaded to Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Road, credited to MD Shibly, the vehicle that MD Shibly is traveling in is about to turn at a zebra crossing when a group of construction workers can be seen pushing a blue car that had apparently stalled.

By the time MD Shibly’s vehicle has turned onto the main road, the blue car has managed to start moving by itself and the construction workers have returned to the side of the road to watch the car slowly drive off.

In the video, a sign along the main road shows that the incident took place around Woodlands.

Facebook users who commented on the video praised their workers for their kindness, while others recounted their own experiences where foreign workers had lent them a helping hand.

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