Kudos to the awesome driver and motorist who gave way to ambulance near NUH

A video showcasing the driver of a black car and a motorcyclist giving way to an ambulance near the National University Hospital (NUH) has surfaced online. 

These displays of kindness were captured on a dashboard camera on the contributor vehicle last Monday (Feb 20) at around 8.25pm and uploaded onto Facebook. 

In the video uploaded on roads.sg’s Facebook page, a black car SLH259L was first seen giving way to an oncoming ambulance from behind. 

Moments later, after reaching another traffic junction, an oncoming motorcyclist gestured for the ambulance to turn right first despite having the right-of-way. 

Said Heng in a caption accompanying the video:

“I had the good fortune of witnessing two considerate acts of giving way to the same ambulance, in a short span of 2 minutes. 

“First, SLH259L switched lane at the red light to let the ambulance pass. 

“Later, more precious seconds were saved when an oncoming motorcyclist waved to let the ambulance turn right first.

“Thank you and well done!”

Watch the video below.