Kudos! Man in red helps biker divert traffic after he skids and falls at Pasir Ris Drive 1

Not everyday do you see a pedestrian walking over to the roadside to help a fallen motorcyclist retrieve his belongings and divert traffic -- sounds too good to be true?

Well that is exactly what this minute-long video uploaded by Facebook user ‎Ng Kwok Hua‎ to the Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Road page shows.

And it simply warms your heart.

According to the user, the incident took place along Pasir Ris Drive 1 on Tuesday (Feb 7) at around 12.56pm.

Said the user: "A kind passer-by in red helped the motorist to retrieve his belongings scattered on the road, and even helped to direct traffic while the motorist was trying to compose himself."

And if you watch the video closely, the passer-by only stops helping once the motorcyclist had gathered himself.

Now this is one passer-by we can all learn from!