Diner brings stall assistants to safety after fire breaks out at Jurong Point chicken rice stall

A diner helped to fight a fight a fire that broke out at a chicken rice stall in Jurong Point's food court, and brought the stall assistants to safety.

A clip of the incident was posted on All Singapore Stuff, along with quotes from the heroic diner's wife.

She said that her husband and she were just about to leave after having dinner there when they heard people screaming from that stall.

A fire was visible, but no one was helping as they were panicking as well.

Some stall assistants rushed out, but some were unable to do so and remained in the kitchen.

The diner than grabbed a fire extinguisher to combat the flames and brought the people in the kitchen to safety.

The woman also said that her husband was an ex-SCDF personnel, and was thankful no one got hurt.