Woman in Kuwait films maid falling from 7th storey instead of helping

The Kuwaiti woman who filmed her female domestic worker holding on for her dear life outside a window before falling several stories last Thursday (Mar 30) has been detained by the authorities, reported The Straits Times

In the video filmed by the employer, an Ethiopian domestic worker can be heard pleading for help saying, "hold me, hold me", before she loses her grip and falls several stories onto a small canopy. 

According to IndiaToday, the maid was rushed to a hospital where she was treated for a broken arm and bleeding in her nose and ear. Her employer subsequently uploaded the video onto social media. 

In a statement released on the same day, the Kuwait Society of Human Rights condemned the employer's actions as inhumane and urged the authorities to take action. 

In a summary of the employer's account of what had happened, the employer said that she was filming and preparing a meal in the kitchen when she was told by her daughter that their maid had climbed out of a window in another room.

She then rushed into the room with her phone and filmed the incident.

When authorities questioned why she did not help the maid, the employer claimed that the maid was too heavy, and she did not want to put her life at risk as she could have fallen out of the window as well.

She also denied speculations that she had abused the maid, who had only started working for the family for a few days. 

Check out the video below. Viewer discretion is advised.