Teen who died after falling from 4th storey of Orchard Gateway: Video allegedly shows how he fell

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A video circulating online allegedly shows how a 17-year-old boy fell from the fourth storey of Orchard Gateway and died from his injuries.

Stomp was alerted to the incident yesterday (Feb 24) by Stompers Yan, Michelle and Anonymous who had seen the boy lying on the ground.

It was reported that the teen was taking a photo along the bridge and that his phone fell onto a parapet.

He was believed to be trying to retrieve it when he lost his balance and fell.

In the latest video posted online, the boy was seen talking to a girl while standing on a bridge in Orchard Gateway, a mall that connects Orchard Central to 313 @ Somerset.

From the video, it seems that the girl was gesturing at the barrier before the teen jumped

The girl was holding a phone and filming him just before he jumped over the bridge railing onto a parapet beside it.

She then expressed shock, presumably at the moment the parapet gave way to his weight.