Woman in China got game, rents 900 taxis to propose to BF

A woman in China's Zhoushan city spent over 10,000 yuan (S$2,000) to advertise on more than 900 taxis to propose to her boyfriend last Thursday (Mar 16), South China Morning Post reported.

The unnamed woman paid a taxi company to display her proposal on LED lights atop each of the firm's taxis in the city.

For two hours, the taxis drove around the city displaying the message: "Zhang Jianfeng, I want to marry you."

Thankfully, her boyfriend was not embarrassed by the gesture, and he accepted her proposal.

Expressions of love via taxi signs are not uncommon in Zhoushan.

In June last year, a man expressed his love for a woman in the city in a similar fashion. His message was displayed on the taxis for 10 days.  

One netizen commented:

"This is quite a powerful way to tell him that you have money."