University driver allegedly steals S$11,293 from foreign students on their first day in Malaysia

Things turned sour for two Algerian foreign students who enrolled in a private university in Malaysia when a driver from the institution allegedly stole 7600 Euros (S$11,293) from them. 

The incident allegedly happened on Feb 8 , 2017 and was shared by a fellow university mate, who recounted how the students and their father had travelled to a foreign country for the first time, but got cheated by the very people that were supposed to help them:

“Recently, I came across the case of two Algerian students who had just arrived in Malaysia with their father to start their first semester. 

“Little did they know that under the care of the driver and the International Student Services Department (ISSD) agent, 7600 Euros would simply ‘disappear’ from their bags.

“When the agent picked them up and they got into the vehicle, the driver took them to Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA 2)  to pick up another student.

“The father of the students wanted to buy a SIM card to communicate with the others so they decided to take the opportunity and purchased it from the terminal. 

“As soon as they alighted from the vehicle, the driver sped off. 

“The father immediately told the agent to tell the driver to stop as he had important things in the bags. 

“The agent refused to call him and assured the father that their belongings were safe since they were under the care of the university’s driver.”

Unconvinced, the father told the agent to call the driver immediately, but the agent refused, and the driver disappeared for over two hours without a word, reports World of Buzz.

When the driver finally returned, the agent reassured the students and their father that everything was fine, and took them to the drop-off point.

The father however, told the agent that he wanted the driver to stay until he can ensure that the sum of money in their bags were intact. 

He opened the bags in front of the agent and soon found out that one of the pouches had been opened and the money was missing. 

The father and sons subsequently lodged a police report but the institution reportedly did nothing. 

What’s worse, the father spotted the driver out again two days after the police had remanded him. 

The incident was shared by a former student of the university who posted it up on his Facebook account.

Only after the post went up did the university contacted the victims to discuss about compensation, and in the end offered half the stolen amount as compensation.

Said the ex-student:

“They actually took over 20 days just to reply!

“The action adopted by the university also insinuates that their driver did steal the money.

“Or perhaps the university just wanted to settle this quietly.”

The post has since been taken down.