Teen in China sets ATM on fire, then puts it out by peeing on flames

When a young man in China got fried from his job at a factory, he deduced that the best way to get revenge was to set a Automated Teller Machine (ATM) on fire.

CCTV footage from a bank in Shanghai shows the 19-year-old, surnamed Li, carrying out his seemingly foolproof evil scheme.

Li first used a black marker to colour the lenses of the ATM camera, though he seemed to have forgotten that there were other cameras in the bank.

He then took out a hammer from his bag and hammered away at the ATM, reports Shanghaiist.

In a final stroke of vengeance, he took out a small containers of lighter fluid and emptied the contents over the machine, before setting it on fire.

However, with the flames growing, Li was worried that the fire would go out of control.

When blowing on the blaze did not work, he came up with yet another brilliant plan.

He unzipped his pants and peed on fire.

Li was arrested by the Police in Pudong for destroying the ATM, which was reportedly worth around 120,000 yuan (SGD$24,286).

When asked why he did this, he explained: "Since I don't have any money, I want to make sure that other people can't get their money either."