Nude thief caught on camera sneaking into China hamburger store to steal apron and $162

A rather 'creative' thief in China tried to sneak into a hamburger store in China through an air-vent recently.

When he could not fit through the vent to the store in Bazhou, Hebei, he came up with the brilliant plan to take all of his clothes off.

The unconventional move did allow him to squeeze through the vent, reports Shanghaiist.

However, his nude burglary exploits were caught in full detail by the multiple security cameras inside the shop.

After raiding the cash register, the man spotted one of the cameras.

Although this did not make him try to cover his face or modesty, he did try and hurry the rest of the burglary.

In a final, ingenious attempt to keep his identity a secret, he covered one of the cameras after 14 minutes of being captured on video.

He did manage to make off with an apron and 800 yuan (SGD$162) for his efforts.

The shopkeeper called the police after going through the bizarre security footage.

The police are still looking for the suspect.

So if you do spot a man walking around wearing just an apron in Bazhou, let the local cops know.