Taiwanese chef pretends to be spiritual 'master', sexually assaults 5 women

A 34-year-old Taiwanese man pretended to be a spiritual counsellor, and sexually assaulted his female students under the guise of free mentorship, including dripping hot wax on the private parts of the victims and placing gems on various parts of their bodies.

The accused faces a possible sentence of 10 years imprisonment for sexually assaulting five victims, and authorities are still investigating if there are were any more victims, reports Lianhe Wanbao

According to the Taiwanese police, the accused was originally a cook, but had masqueraded as a ‘spiritual master’ and recruited students via the LINE app. 

The victims who were chosen reportedly said that they felt a sense of accomplishment, having been selected by the ‘master’.

On Nov 13, 2016, the accused further singled out two female students, and invited them to a hotel room for a ‘monetary energy’ workshop.

The accused also placed crystals around the room so as not to rouse suspicions from his victims. 

The two victims were asked to undergo a cleansing ceremony upon attending the lesson, where the accused placed crystals on various parts of their bodies, claiming that doing so would allow ‘the energy to flow through their bodies’.

He also lit various candles and dripped hot wax on their ‘Chakra spots'. 

The following morning, the accused brought one of the students to another room, where he then sexually assaulted her, claiming to help her ‘open her Chakra channels’. 

When the other student said that she did not feel the ‘energy’ as mentioned by the accused, he told her:

“That means your channels aren’t open yet.

He proceeded to drip hot wax on her, and sexually assaulted her during the process.

After the ‘workshop’, he brought the first student back home and forced her to give him oral sex on the pretence of further ‘cleansing’. 

On Nov 15, the accused struck again, hosting a second round of ‘workshop’. 

He invited four female students and asked them to lie naked on four single beds, before raping them.

A victim lodged a police report after the incident, although the accused insisted that all he did was help her open her Chakra channels. 

The other victims only realised they had been assaulted after the police revealed it to them. 

One of the victims has not revealed herself since the incident.