School students used to smuggle $201,370 worth of phones in China

Ten children in school uniform were caught smuggling close to 1 million yuan (SGD$201,370) worth of expensive Chinese delicacies and handphones into China from Hong Kong.

A Chinese news website reported that instead of being paid for their task, the children had been promised ice cream or McDonald's fast food or ice cream for sneaking the items across the border.

The children were amidst 28,000 pupils who cross the border from Shenzhen to attend school in Hong Kong each day.

The ten childrens "bulging" backpacks raised suspicion among customs officers, reports South China Morning Post.

They stopped the kids and found 90 Apple iPhone 7s, 100 iPhone 6s, 20 Samsung S8 and 10kg of "bird's nests" in their backpacks.

Reports also said that the officials seized the items and warned the children that what they had done was wrong.