Resourceful dog gets separated from owner while chasing mice, seeks police officers for help

A Golden Retriever rose to fame when it sought the help of police officers after it got separated from its owner while chasing rats at Guilin, China. 

Netizens swooned over the dog’s uncanny human-like social skills and cute disposition. 

According to Sinchew via World of Buzz, two police officers, Rong and Wong were on duty, sitting in their patrol vehicle near a toll booth on Guilin Highway. 

It was when the dog suddenly approached them.

The two looked around but could not find its owner. 

Realising that the dog must have lost its way, the two decided to let the dog tag along until its owner could be found. 

The officers said that the dog even stood on its hind legs and leaned on their car door.

After that the dog followed them around while the two carried on with their patrol duties.

Concerned that citizens may be afraid of the large dog, they brought it to a police booth.

There, they fed the dog food and drinks, before continuing their duty. 

The dog calmly remained in the office until the duo returned at 8am. 

Just when the two were about to leave in their patrol car to regroup with the rest of the unit,  the dog hopped onto their car.

The two officers decided to help the dog find its way back to it owner. 

They put up news about the lost dog and brought the dog back to a police station, which served as a temporal lodging.

Eight hours later, the owner received news of his dog and rushed down to the station.

The dog and his owner were finally reunited. 

According to the owner, the pair lived in a residential district near the toll booth, and the dog had a habit of hunting for mice.

He theorised that the dog might have been hunting for mice when it got too far and lost its way home.

The owner tried searching for his dog but could not find it. 

As to why the dog knew who to seek help from, the owner explained that his dog was previously a trainee at the Nanning Police Dog Training Base for a short period.

Hence, it trusted policemen, naturally driving it to seek help from the officers on duty.

Story of the friendly and resourceful dog went viral on social media, with netizens dubbing it ‘The dog who knew how to lodge a police report.’