Photo of Filipino man bathing before cardboard 'dream destination' goes viral, scores a vacation for real

A Filipino man, Rafael-nonog Gomez from Rizal, Philippines got invited to visit his dream vacation destination, Boracay, after a posed photo of him bathing before a cardboard depicting the island went viral on social media. 

In the photo, Gomez was seen using a pail as a dipper to pour water over himself, all the time staring at his ‘dream vacation destination’, reports World of Buzz

Many netizens were amused by the viral photo, and one in particular even helped fulfil his dreams -- by adding Gomez's photo onto another picture of the sandy beaches at Boracay.

A resident of Boracay, Tong Yangco came to know of the photo and together with other locals, decided to bring Gomez over. 

He posted on his Facebook:

“Anyone knows this guy?

“Let me know if you happen to know him.

“We will bring him here to Boracay.


“Please share this post until we find him!”

Tong posted at a later date that local travel tours, together with him and some netizens had collectively bought Gomez and his friend plane tickets to Boracay. 

Since then, many netizens have expressed their joy for Gomez, while praising Tong for his generosity.