Father and son in China publicly sever relationship -- only to become brothers instead

A Chinese father and son published an article in a local paper, publicly severing their ties -- to formally become brothers instead. 

The father cited a generation gap as the reason for the decision and many netizens were amused by the outrageous news, reports Lianhe Wanbao.

In the article, the man said that he and his son were exceptionally close, and his son would accompany him everywhere to play since he was young.

However, they started to drift apart after his son entered high school, and his son preferred spending time with his friends instead.

Said the distraught parent: "He didn’t want to pick up my calls even. The closer I sought to be, the further he drifted away from me."

He started studying his son’s habits and decided to become his son’s brother instead so they could go on adventures together again and avoid stigmatisation. 

Said one netizen: "Although it’s a little unconventional and illogical…. You can really tell that his father loves him very much."